Andrew Floyd

Rev. Andrew Floyd, Minister of Students

Birthday:  September 3rd 

Originally from:  God's Country (For those who don't know where to find that, you just have to look up Athens, GA on a map)

Education background:  Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources from the University of Georgia ('06); Master of Arts in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary ('09); Currently Pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership from Tennessee Temple University 

Ministry background: 

Served 3 1/2 years as a Youth and College Associate at Beech Haven BC in Athens, GA
Served one summer as a Summer Youth Minister at Woodland Heights BC in Harrison, AR
Served 5 years as Associate Pastor of Administration and Youth at Hebron BC in Bush, LA 

I began serving at RBBC:  August of 2012 

My wife:  Natalie McMorris Floyd (She is my better half and best friend) 

Children:  We are expecting our first child, a boy, in February of 2013

My role at RBBC:  I am seeking to serve God in whatever tasks He sets before me.  As Minister of Students, I am pray that we will see a generation of students that are Encountering the living God, Equipped to be fully devoted followers of Christ, and Engaged with the world around them to bring others to Christ.

Personal Story:  I was raised in church.  At the age of ten, at a summer camp, I gave my life to Jesus.  At the age of 16, I knew I was not following Christ the way that I was supposed to and fully surrendered to His calling.  I have not lived that out perfectly by any stretch of the imagination, but I am resolved to "pick up my cross daily and follow after Him."  By the grace of God, I have been serving the local church in ministry for over nine years.  God has literally taken me around the world to share His name, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Favorite book of the Bible:  All of Them - They all are important and have the words of life contained in them 

Books that have impacted my walk with Jesus:  The Bible by YAHWEH; Your God is Too Safe by Mark Buchannan; The Radical Cross by A.W. Tozer; Crazy Love by Francis Chan
And many, many more  

Most fulfilling part of ministry:  Being used by God to play whatever small part it is to see students (and others) give the angels in heaven a reason to rejoice. 

Spiritual gifts:  Administration, Teaching, Service, and Leadership 

How can you pray for me?  Pray for my walk with the Lord to continue to grow to depths that it has never before.  Pray for my family, sometimes it is easier for the enemy to get at the ones that I love than it is at me.  Pray for the ministry that God has given me at RBBC, that He would be glorified from it.