Jaime Betancourt


Rev. Jaime Betancourt, Hispanic Pastor

Birthday:  September 19, 1959

Originally from:  Quito, Ecuador

Education background:  B.S. Economics, Catholic University, Quito, Ecuador; Christian & Missionary Alliance Seminary, Quito, Ecuador

Ministry background:  1999 - Present, Hispanic Pastor, Red Bank Baptist Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee; 1977 - 1999, La Nueva Jerusalem Church, Quito, Ecuador, Member of the Administrative Board and Director of Christian Education

My wife:  Susana Betancourt

The other girls in my life, my daughters:  Andrea Carolina and Natasha Cristina

Personal Story:

My life before meeting Jesus. I was born in the bosom of a middle class family in Quito-Ecuador, Catholic by tradition of my forefathers and my parents. I never wondered nor was asked where I would go if I die today or at any moment, so the topic of the death was not talked about, of course I was afraid of death so it better not to speak about it. In the material I believe that we had sufficiently and it was another motive for not seeking God. My parents priority for me were my studies and sports. That was my first 16 years.

How I met Jesus. At the age of 17 while my brother and I were resting from playing soccer all afternoon in the backyard of our friend’s house, when suddenly an American missionary followed by a good number of children came, it was a summer Bible class. The explanation of the gospel was so clear that the missionary gave an invitation to all us, referring to the need to approach voluntarily to learn and to know God that when she gave the invitation to do a prayer asking God for his help, I also did it.

My life today. The missionary directed us to a good church where the Bible was taught, there we met the Pastor and Sunday to Sunday it was a discovery of what I did not know earlier about God. After the first year I made the decision to be baptized and since that day God has been preparing me to where I am today. I have learned that the Christian life is not a speed career but it is a career of persistance, dedication and effort. Today I serve him as Pastor of Red Bank Church and the spiritual part is the most important thing in my life.  I am no longer afraid of tomorrow nor of death because I have the full confidence in each and every one of God’s promises that He has given to me.

Favorite book of the Bible:  Proverbs

Books that have impacted my walk with Jesus:  Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren; Slave by John MacArthur

Spiritual gifts:  Leadership and Teaching

How can you pray for me?  Pray that God will allow me to live in His plan and proclaim His word for His glory.