Wayne Abercrombie

Mr. Wayne Abercromie, Media Ministry Director

Birthday: January 2, 1935

Originally from:  Garden City, Alabama

Education background:  Studied Journalism, Accounting and Business Management at the University of Alabama, Birmingham campus, Graduated from NRI, National Radio Institute, Washington, D.C., FCC License from Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. Over 50 years experience in Broadcasting/Telecasting, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Personnel Management. Assisted in building and start up of 3 TV stations. The First employee hired by Channel 3, WRCB-TV in 1956. Owned and operated several small businesses including a cable TV station.

Ministry background:  Came to Red Bank Baptist Church in February, 1958.  Soon thereafter, I joined the sound committee here at RBBC. For the last 40 years, I have been Chairman of the communications committee. In 2006, I was asked to join the staff as Media Director and the establishment of TV services. I have served as Marketing Director here at the church and on several fund raising committees. I was President of the Prime Timers Senior Adult program for 6 years.

My wife: Betty Abercrombie, a retired school teacher and active participant here at Red Bank Baptist Church.

Family:  One daughter, Charlotte Mabry, son-in-law Steve Mabry, Grandson, Stephen Mabry, and Great Granddaughter Olivia Grace Mabry.

My role at RBBC: To provide ministry to those who may not be able to attend church by way of Television and live streaming of services on the web. Provide visual, audio and technical services throughout the church as needed.

Personal story: Saved at the age of 12 in a revival at First Baptist Church in Garden City, Alabama and baptized in the Mulberry River nearby.

Favorite book of the Bible: Revelation

Spiritual gifts: Leadership and Technology

How can you pray for me? Pray that our Media Ministry will continue to reach lost souls and provide worship services for those who cannot attend, through the medium of Television and technology.