Replicate Conference

The Replicate Conference at Brainerd Baptist Church

Before departing, Jesus commissioned his disciples to "make disciples of all nations."  These words, although spoken 2000 years ago, still apply to our lives today.  Sadly, many believers do not grasp the urgency of the task we have been given.  Furthermore, those who do understand still believe they are ill equipped to accomplish the assignment.  

Replicate is a conference that will equip you to do just that.  Thought-provoking plenary messages, practical breakout sessions, and helpful material will be some of the take-a-ways you can expect from the event.  If you are already meeting in a discipleship group or have a desire to meet in one, do not miss this opportunity.  

Date:  Saturday, April 20  

Location:  Brainerd Crossroads (BX), 4011 Austin St., Chattanooga, TN  

Cost:  $20  

To watch online, click here!