30 Hour Famine

Specifics for Red Bank Baptist Church

When: October 25-26
Where: RBBC
Who: All students are invited to participate on Saturday; only students raising a minimum of $60 will be allowed to spend the night
Why: To raise awareness to world hunger and money to fight the problem 
What to bring: Students are asked to bring only the items listed here and nothing more.  They will be taken care of, but there are many things that we have that are luxuries that will not be needed.  To Bring ~ Clothes they are wearing, toothbrush, Bible, one blanket (that can be packed in a Walmart bag), consent form, and collected money.
What NOT to bring: No extra clothes will be needed, no toothpaste will be needed, no gum or snacks, no cell phones, no ipods or equivalent.
What will be going on:  Students will be asked to not eat anything after midnight of Friday (24th) going into Saturday the (25th).  On Saturday, students will meet at the church at 1pm to support one another in their efforts and to spend time learning about world hunger and poverty.  Saturday afternoon will be spent with students divided up into teams, called tribes.  They will compete in different games and activities that will give them a better understanding of what others around the world have to do just to survive.  After those who did not raise the minimum amount are dismissed, there will be a video to show some of the realities of the world around us and a few more activities before students go to sleep.  In the morning, there will be a "break-fast" where students can celebrate their accomplishment and prepare for Life Groups and Sunday morning worship.  Students are dismissed after the morning worship service.

30 Hour Famine in General 

The 30 hour famine is a way for students to learn about many of the problems that face others around the world and an opportunity to be a part of the solution.  Students are asked to go 30 hours without food.  Before that 30 hours begins though, they find sponsors that are willing to donate $1 for every hour they go without food, for a total of $30.  Each sponsor they gain support from is enough money to support a child in a third world country for a month.  

The type of fast that we will be doing is called a juice fast.  We will not eat, but we will stay fully hydrated and drink juices to stay healthy (but still hungry).  Anyone between the ages of 12 and 65, who is not pregnant or nursing, is typically healthy enough to fast for 30 hours without any negative results.  For those who have a eating disorder or food related health issue(like diabetes), we can come up with some alternative methods and do a alternative fast for them, just see Andrew to work it out. 

Helpful Tips to Remember:
- Get plenty of sleep Friday night 
- Do not "prepare" for the fast by eating big meals on Friday (it will only expand your stomach and make you hungrier)
- Do drink plenty of water and Gatorade on Friday (Tea and Coke Products do not count)

Helpful Links and Other Information

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