Life Groups

Life Groups in the Student Center

Division 1
6th & 7th Grade Girls… Begin in SSC 204 // Move to SSC 201
6th & 7th Grade Guys… Begin in SSC 204 // Move to SSC 202

Division 2
8th & 9th Grade Girls… SSC 102
8th & 9th Grade Guys… SSC 104
10th Grade Coed… SSC 103

Division 3
11th & 12th Grade Coed… SSC 203

Division 4
Parenting Teens… SSC 101


Division 1 will begin together watching an introductory video and teaching time before breaking up into discussion groups by gender.  The focus of this division is to take students through a two year systematic study of what we believe as Christians.  They will cover such topics as Biblical worldview, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Spiritual Warfare, and a brief overview of other world religions compared to Christianity.

Division 2 will be focused on different life topics through the Bible Studies for Life Curriculum for Students.  They will go through different topics by taking a Biblical look at many of the issues they currently face in school and their daily lives.

Division 3 will be focused on preparing students to give a reasoned defense for their faith.  By taking students through some apologetics and helping them have more than a basic understanding for the things they believe, this class’ goal is to prepare students as they walk away from the student ministry to not also walk away from their faith in Christ.

Division 4 is a great place for you if you do not already currently have a place here at Red Bank Baptist on Sunday Mornings!  This class will be using the Bible Studies for Life for Adults curriculum that will mirror the topics covered in Division 2 classes, except from a parenting perspective.  While all of the teachers we have are great and have experience in their particular areas, I am really excited about this teaching team and the numerous years of experience that they combine for in successfully navigating the teenage years as parents.  If you are looking for a place to understand God’s Word and understand your teenager, then come check this class out!