Summer Camp

Centrifuge @ Panama City Beach ~ July 14-18
Shalimar Retreat Center, Panama City Beach, FL

What you Need to know for Camp! 

We will have check-in (all forms are due) and luggage drop off (anything that will ride under the bus) is due on Sunday, July 13th. Check-in times are from 9am-9:30am (if you choose this time, please don't be late, we will be transitioning into the life group hour and not be able to accept check-ins at 9:35 or 9:45 or 10am, etc.) and 4pm-5:30pm. 

You are responsible for having all forms already notarized (we provided a notary at our camp meeting) when you check-in on Sunday (those forms can be found at two of the links below). We will be leaving early on Monday morning and there won't be any notaries awake at that time. If your forms are not notarized, you will not be allowed to participate in any activities or functions at Camp (their rules).

We will also be making a copy of your insurance card at the check-in time, so please bring it so we can do so.

If you are unsure of the balance you owe, you can find out at the time of check-in or contact Jamie before hand.

We will be meeting to leave at 5am on Monday Morning.

The is also a Parent Pack of info and Parent Devotions to use during the week below. One highlight from the Parent Pack, is that one night of Camp will be a "So You Wanna Be A..." Night. Students are encouraged to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.



Parent Info

Parent Devotions