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LIVING ROOM RESET (Marriage & Parenting Conference)
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LIVING ROOM RESET (Marriage & Parenting Conference)


Chelsea and I have been married for 26 years and are raising 6 children (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 21)- what a wild ride! Marriage and family is an indescribable joy for sure... and it's also hard work! We know because we're in the middle of it.

Over the years, it has increasingly produced the best kind of results in our home- a mom and dad and kids, growing together, learning together, struggling, falling, and recovering together, as we all learn to trust God more and more and serve one another better.

I will be bringing the Cameron living room to Red Bank Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN and want you to join me for a heartfelt conversation about what matters most to us as husbands, wives, and parents. Think of it as a "home-run date night" with my wife and me. A time to get away with your spouse for 3 hours with us to laugh together, pray together, learn together, and worship together, as we dive deep into the subjects that matter most to you and me. And best of all, you'll learn how to see your family with new eyes, and be inspired about giving your family a "Living Room Reset."

I will be sharing the things that have made the most valuable difference in our marriage and with our kids, and brought the most peace and blessing to our home. I hope that Chelsea will be able to join me and share some very personal and heartfelt messages for moms and wives. We'll be joined by well-known Christian music artist, Matt Hammitt, and I'm even going to bring some throwback Growing Pains surprises as well!

This night will be unlike anything I've ever done, and unlike anything you've ever attended… I promise. Come to be encouraged, inspired, equipped and refreshed. See you in the living room at Red Bank Baptist Church on Thursday, October 18 at 7:00PM ET.


*To order tickets, call the church office (423) 877-4514 or send an email to Shirley Troxler at Credit cards are accepted.

  • Tickets are limited and $25/each. No childcare provided.

Call the church office to get a discounted price at $20!

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