Orphanage Emmanuel

Red Bank Baptist Church annually sends a mission team to Orphanage Emmanuel in Guaimaca, Honduras.  The February 2015 project will be to construct a new kitchen and dining room, do general maintenance, provide help on the farm and at the school, and provide dental/medical treatment and examinations for the children and staff at Orphanage Emmanuel.

Orphanage Emmanuel is located in Guaimaca, a rural town in the heart of Honduras. The staff of Emmanuel cares for orphaned and underprivileged children from all parts of the country with backgrounds just as diverse as where they are from. Founded in 1989, the orphanage has been directed since its inception by David and Lydia Martinez, missionaries from California. Created with 5 children on the land of an abandoned cattle ranch having just three small houses, the orphanage now cares for over 600 children of various ages and encompasses over 60 buildings including a church, houses for all the children, a school system, trade skills shops, and an agricultural facility. We currently have a staff of about 40 people of multiple nationalities.

The vision of Orphanage Emmanuel is to care for the children within its gates, and to lift up Jesus Christ as the Savior of all men in hopes that when the children leave from our presence that they will do the same. We strive to provide all the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual nourishment the children need to develop into good citizens for their God and country. It is to God that we give the glory, as the sustained ability to care for the children comes only from Him as He provides for the children through the words and actions of people.

Dr. Don Reynolds is our team leader.  His email is drdonrey@aol.com.

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