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Items below are excellent resources that help you grow your knowledge about the bible as well as your relationship with Jesus. 

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Foreward by Dr. Steve Gaines, Southern Baptist Convention President

Engaging in a gospel conversation is work, but it works and it’s worth it. Casual conversations are the gateway to gospel conversations. Jesus talked to people. Jesus called his followers to talk to people. In the early church, followers of Jesus couldn’t help but speak in and about the name of Jesus. In the modern church, too many followers of Jesus don’t talk about Him at all. Why are believers in the local church not talking to their family, friends, or each other about Christ? The Gospel Conversation answers the following questions: • Why should followers of Jesus be engaging in gospel conversations? • What does engaging the lost look like in everyday life? • How can we connect people to Jesus one conversation at a time? In The Gospel Conversation, Dr. Sam Greer provides a biblical, intentional, and practical approach to engaging the lost in everyday life. By unpacking a conversation that Paul had with Philemon and through his own personal gospel conversations, Dr. Greer provides powerful and practical insight to help every Christ-follower start gospel conversations.

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Purchase this bonded leather devotional for you or someone you love! Dr. Sam Greer and other Christian leaders including former SBC presidents, Drs. Ronnie Floyd and Johnny Hunt, have contributed to this inspirational devotional that is certain to strengthen and encourage you in your spiritual life.

Living in the Light Contributors

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Journal Through the Word (NEW TESTAMENT EDITION)

Do you need help staying committed to a daily quiet time and Scripture memorization? Are you wanting to go deeper into God's Word, but not sure where to begin? Do you wish for something to help guide you through the Bible? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions or simply would like to turn your quiet time into quite a time, then you do not want to miss out on this latest edition of "Journal Through The Word" by Dr. Sam Greer. He has outlined the entire New Testament covering Monday through Friday for 39 weeks. This resource is not available in stores or on Amazon. Get your copy today and experience the joy that comes from spending daily time in God's Word!

Preview of the Journal